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air-oil mql

Air-Oil MQL



Key Features:

- Constant flow rate
even if the pressure at the inlet and outlet changes - Hopper capacity: 1L - 3L
- Flow rate: variable, 0-2 cc/min
- Air and Oil distribution regulation for each element

Efficient and complete - MiQueL is designed for near-dry machining lubrication for machine tools, sheet metal cutting and folding machines, steel mills, can be used in all systems that need calibrated lubrication and function control. Thanks to the integrated electrovalve, it is possible to add up to 8 interconnected elements, which can be deactivated at any time or activated individually.

It is possible to control the oil and air distribution separately, convenient and easy to use for each element.

Clean - The system includes a device that completes the lubrication cycle, ensuring that the oil does not fall.

The MiQueL modular system is designed to lubricate machine tools in general, sheet metal cutting and folding machines, steelwork, and wherever a precise and calibrated lubrication is required with control of all functions.

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