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Mining and Construction Sector

Stackers and recoverers are large machines used in the mining industry to process, store and recover materials such as limestone, coal and minerals. They have a complex structure with moving parts running on rails and moving in at least two directions. Therefore, they need an automated system that can deliver the right amount of lubricant to many points far apart.

Years of experience in the lubrication industry guarantees that you are always safe with Dropsa’s products with the right solutions and broad perspective that can be applied to any machine for the mining industry.

Mining and earthmoving trucks are complex machines used to transport mined rock to processing centers. Components involved in transport require precise and continuous lubrication to ensure optimum machine operation.

Years of experience in the lubrication industry, DropsA’s wide range of products that can always be applied to all kinds of machinery for the mining industry is always ready to provide you, our customers, with the best durability and service.

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