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Iron Steel and Aluminum Sector

The Iron, Steel and Aluminum industry mainly uses a double line grease lubrication system. Dropsa central lubrication systems offer our customers the proven reliability in double line lubrication systems.

The double line lubrication system consists of 2 separate main lines and secondary (going to the bearings) lines. The main lines are divided by a valve located at the outlet of the pump and reach the modular or solid-based dual line distributors. After line 1 is lubricated, when the pressure set in the end-of-line switch is reached, the switch sends a signal to the control panel, informing that the line is lubricated. With the incoming signal, the valve changes direction and presses line 2. With the adjusting screws on the dosages, the grease can be adjusted one by one as needed by the bearings. (fixed flow versions are also available). Due to the effective (other words may come) design of modular dispensers, the desired amount of dosage can be added according to the number of points.

Modular and Solid dual line oil distributors can work comfortably in greases up to NLGI2. They are resistant to high temperatures with standard viton o-rings on them. It guarantees maximum resistance against corrosion with its standard Nickel plated body. You can also examine the AISI316 stainless versions in our catalogs, if needed.

Dropsa double line Modular/Solid dispensers are the ideal design for easy maintenance. It can be easily maintained without interfering with the distributor or the piping. Thus, it provides maximum savings from labor, time and value losses.

In some projects, machines need spray grease. In these cases, the Air/oil (air/oil) systems in the SMX oil distributor series provide the ideal solution to get the maximum efficiency with minimum oil consumption of these regions by spraying the required amount.

Recommended products in iron and steel and rolling mill machinery;
Sumo II
234.. series drum pumps
Smo-Smx series dispensers
DM-DMM-DMG Series Dual line grease modular and solidbase dispensers