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heavy machinery

Dropsa Automatic Lubrication systems offer a comprehensive solution for centralized lubrication systems needed in heavy work machines.

With the progressive lubrication system, we produce uninterrupted, stable and traceable solutions for the rotating parts of heavy-duty machines.

The progressive lubrication system is used to deliver the oil coming out of the grease pump with a distributor (distributor) in desired amounts to the required points. The progressive lubrication system provides sequential lubrication with the shafts moving inside the distributor. With the indicators and sensors placed on the distributor, blockages, oil leaks and malfunctions in the lubrication system can be monitored.

Recommended products for heavy-duty machines;
989..v2 series
SUMOII Grease pump
Mini-Sumo 2 Grease pump
SMO/SMX Grease/Thin oil dispensers