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Cement and Raw Materials Industry

Dropsa Automatic lubrication systems provide solutions for the lubrication needs needed in mills used in concrete and cement production.
In order to lubricate rotating and gear parts operating in open air conditions in mills with grease and oil with minimum losses, spraying, progressive or double line systems are recommended as needed.
The advantage of spray grease systems is to ensure that your machines are durable, long-lasting and minimize maintenance requirements with minimum oil consumption.
Grease, thin oil, MQL and spray systems that may be needed in raw material processing machines, Hidropress Hydraulic offers the most suitable and fast solution for your needs with its engineering and experience, with the assurance of Dropsa.

Recommended products in cement and raw material machines;
Barrel grease pumps (Cannon, 234… series)
SUMOII Grease pumps
Locopump S3
Bravo Grease pumps
Progressive oil distributors
MQL Air and oil systems